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Buy the best exclusive women short sleeve T-Shirts online at 08TO80. Our T-Shirts contains urban multicoloured designer prints.

08TO80 Tees tells you a story. A specialshort sleeve tee shirt with an eclusive design you can find this at our online store. We offer different styles of T-Shirts a close-fitting tee, slim fit and regular fit T-shirts but also basic T-Shirts and midsleeve T-Shirts and longsleeve T-Shirts. 

Specially in our online shop we offer dress T-shirts in different sizes and styles. A Woman T-shirt dress in urban Spring and Summer style.  

Several T-Shirt brands are only and exclusively available in Europe by 08TO80. We are the European distributor of Stay Real. Daily our collection is updated and renewed. Our collection tees are more than one piece of clothing. Our T-Shirts are colorful, fun, hip and ageless. 08TO80 T-shirts focuses not only on design but also on contemporary art! For different styles; street styled, design prints, yoga T-shirts, DJ style, Toucan style, Snoopy and Kaboom style.

Enjoy your fun shopping 365 days a year and we are open 24 hours a day!

08TO80 For All Moods! Watch with a wink to our own Karl Lagerfeld logoman!

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