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Launching Special

We launched 15th of March. Welcome to the Urban Cherry Picking Online Store.


LV long nose Bag

With a wink and a little humor to the designer bags of LV, this design is created; with a long nose LV. we have given traditional LV monograms a transformation into "pigs heads".     

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Urban Hoodie Zipper

Urban hooded jacket with many appearances of sitting buddhas. Available in 3 colour editions. Zip up front fastening. 

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Urban Wallet 

Capsules are expressions of art, full of conflict and irony medicinal-style capsules to slown down urban hectic life.

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Urban Notebooks

We offer different design notebooks with multicoloured prints like buddha prints and notebooks with all kind of pigs. We love multicoloured designer gits and we will we will extend the range of gifts in 2012. 

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